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MyMarkOnEarth.com Grand Opening

Comment Posted 3/20/09.

The MyMarkOnEarth.com team is excited to announce the grand opening of My Mark On Earth. Starting March 20, 2009, the website www.MyMarkOnEarth.com is now officially open to the public. It is open to the United States and all the nations of the world. Anyone can now have a message etched into granite stone without the huge expense of commissioning individual stones.

"We expect people will leave all sorts of messages," said Anthony Edwards, founder of My Mark On Earth. "People have a lot to say - opinions, announcements, artful expression, or simply the fact they were here." Edwards was inspired at how ancient peoples such as the Egyptians recorded messages on stone so many thousands of years ago, and yet those messages survive to the present. This prompted Edwards to continue the tradition. He assembled the website to collect messages to be etched into community stones; when a stone is full of messages, it will be etched and planted in the ground for present and future generations to see.

At this point, Edwards isn't willing to reveal the location where the stones will be planted, adding an air of mystery to the project. However, he promises to reveal the location when the first stone is planted, but only to the people who have left messages.

By way of a grand opening celebration, the website is offering a 20% discount to all people who leave their mark before May 1st. To take advantage of this discount, use coupon code C031209152930 during check-out.

Queries from the press or blogsphere welcome. Please contact info@MyMarkOnEarth.com. View press release.

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